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Approved Promotions March 2016

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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These are the factors we consider when looking at Promotions:

1. TIG is the MINIMUM requirement for promotion; it really does NOT FACTOR that heavily into our decisions. Which means that even if you have TIG while you may get recommended, you may not be approved.

2. The higher one gets in rank, the more we expect from you, thus requirements are higher for someone expecting a promotion to LTCMDR than for someone trying to get to LTJG.

3. Things that have already been considered for previous promotion do not count for other promotions. You need to keep doing work in UFS to be promoted.

4. We promote you to a new rank because you are READY and show POTENTIAL for the next rank, not because you do something great once. It's prolonged activity at a high level.

Here are those whose hard work and dedication has placed them on our list this month.

Marine Promotions

asianpearl Major

Fleet Promotions

RebelV Resident Crewman 2nd Class
gennaV resident Crewman 2nd Class
Ed Pintens Lieutenant Commander
Sandie Blackburn Lieutenant Commander

Gratulation Gentlemen, well done.

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