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Approved Promotion and Award Recommendations - September 2010

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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Below are the officers whose promotions have been approved by UFS Command upon deliberations of the Promotions Board:

I would like everyone to know that these are the factors we consider when looking at Promotions:

1. TIG is the MINIMUM requirement for promotion, it really does not factor that heavily into our decisions. Which means that even if you have TIG while you may get recommended, you may not be approved.
2. The higher one gets in rank, the more we expect out of you, thus requirements are higher for someone expecting a promotion to LTCMDR than for someone trying to get to LTJG.
3. Things that have already been considered for previous promotion do not count for other promotions. You need to keep doing work in UFS to be promoted.
4. We promote you to a new rank because they are READY and show POTENTIAL for the next rank, not because you do something great once. It's prolonged activity at a high level.

Now without any further pauses here are those whose hard work and dedication has them on our list this month.

September Promotions

===Fleet Promotions===

Promoted to Lieutenant JG
April Coswell
Dean Taselian
Sira Neox
Turquoise Somerset
Valerie Nexen
Wraith Fride

Promoted to Lieutenant
Cordova Marabana
iViking Wizenheim
Soggy Bang
Surt Tir

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Sarheni Kanto

Promoted to Commander
Kermie Mistwallow

===Marine Promotions===

Promoted to Private First Class
JoeinNorthCarolina Akroyd
Laertes Modan

Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
Miguel Moonwall
Drunk Radical

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
MilesPrower Dagger

September Awards

Commandant's Award
* Subedei Hashi

Commandant's Crest of Valor
* Cipher Rhode

Commendation for Attention to Duty
* Jonathan Seriman

Commendation for Creativity and Dedication
* Branden Convair

Commendation for Dedication to Duty
* Valerius Swansong

Commendation for Distinguished Service
* Jadia Triellis
* Milesprower Dagger
* Mulgrave Dwi

Commendation for Excellent Service
* Tedra Llewellyn

Commendation for Loyalty
* Niclaus Teichmann

Daystrom Engineering Award
* Moonprince Rhode

Prestigious Service Award
* Praxislady Witt
* T'Rennek Yuitza

Robert April Command Award
* Markus Tyrellium

Silver Service Award
* Slarus Rajal

UFSA Award for Academic Distinction
* Piper John

UFSA Superintendent's Award
* Victoria Moonshadow

Congratulations to all those who have been given a promotion or award this month, your Service Jackets will soon be updated. Keep up the hard work.

The Promotions and Awards Ceremony will be held on stardate 100919.1000 ( Sunday, September 19 @ 10:00 am SLT) at the Promotions Ceremony Hall presided by the Commander in Chief, United Federation Starfleet, Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun.

All members invited, Class B Dress Uniforms for officers and enlisted and Dress Uniforms for cadets required.
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