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Approved Promotion and Award Recommendations - March 2010

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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Below are the officers and enlisted whose promotions and awards have been approved by UFS Command upon deliberations of the Promotions Board:

I would like everyone to know that these are the factors we consider when looking at Promotions:

1. TIG is the MINIMUM requirement for promotion, it really does not factor that heavily into our decisions. This means that even if you have TIG while you may get recommended, you may not be approved.

2. The higher one gets in rank, the more we expect out of you, thus requirements are higher for someone expecting a promotion to LTCMDR than for someone trying to get to LTJG
3. Things that have already been considered for previous promotion do not count for other promotions. You need to keep doing work in UFS to be promoted
4. We promote you to a new rank because they are READY and show POTENTIAL for the next rank, not because you do something great once. It's prolonged activity at a high level.

Now without any further pauses here are those whose hard work and dedication has them on our list this month.

MONTH Promotions

===Fleet Promotions===

Promoted to Airman (AmN)
- Windy Serrari
Promoted to 1st Lieutenant (1LT)
- Branden Convair
- Marcelo Shelter
Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) (LT. (JG))
- Alix Sveiss
- Ardy Foxclaw
- DeadheadDMT Infinity
- Doug Alekseev
- Fred McCellan
- Greg Esharham
- Kris5566 Barbosa
- LeighAnn Mantis
- Maverick Woodrunner
- Melina Firehawk
- Mellina Ashbourne
- Tarmin Loudwater
Promoted to Lieutenant (LT)
- Aili Kuhn
- Edgard Turbo
- Sounj Winslet
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (LTCMDR)
- Brandi Meredith
- Chrystian Merlin
- Fargus Skytower
- Gotham Spiritor
- Machaela Lowey
- Madadh Magic
- Mystikal4Tunes Lorefield
-          Piper John
- VirtualAngus Cooljoke
Promoted to Commander (CMDR)
- Ezra Sweet
- Kinney Randt

MONTH Awards

Cascadia Achievement Award
* Osky Oldrich
Citation for Excellence
* Melina Firehawk
Citation of Exemplary Ability
* Gijsjan Broek
Citation of Exemplary Service
* Shran Zeid
* Meta Korobase
Combat Service Ribbon
* Vulpina Howley
* Nemesis Blackheart
Comendation for Loyalty
* Garethya Mongrain
Commendation - Attention to Duty
* Moira Kelberry
* Darcey Digfoot
Commendation - Creativity & Dedication
* Alix Sveiss
Commendation for Excellent Service
* Jackson Jayaram
* Nabuleone Rhdoe
* Ulrich Bechir
Commendation for Exceptional Service
* Lans Starsider
* Shaun Dixon
* Ryan Nadir
* Sounj Winslet
Daystrom Engineering Award
* Jack Rasmussen
Fleet Engineering Proficiency Award
* Sileena Allen
HQ Engineering Proficiency Award
* Jack Rasmussen
Superintendant's Award
* Bogle Richard
* Osky Oldrich
UF Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
* SVAndrei Baxton
UFSA Achievement award
* Lan Nakajima
* Otheno Floresby
* Machaela Lowey
* Xia Mirabeau
* Markus Tyrellium.
UFSA Excellence award
* Sounj Winslett
* Valerius Swansong
* Tiana Writer
* Phoenix Finistair

Congratulations to all those who have been given a promotion or award this month, your Service Jackets will soon be updated. Keep up the hard work.

The Promotions and Awards Ceremony will be held on stardate 100321.0900 (Sunday, March 21st @ 09am SLT) at the Ceremony Hall – Sector 001, presided by the Commander in Chief, United Federation Starfleet, Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun.

All members invited, Class B Dress Uniforms for officers and enlisted and Dress Uniforms for cadets required.

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