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Have an issue? Submit a ticket to UFStarfleet Support! (Must be logged into the forums to use this)
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If you are unable to login to your Forum account for whatever reason, you can either A) Contact your Commanding Officer to have your issue submitted on your behalf to UFStarfleet Support website or B) Contact CompOps using the UFS Discord Support System.

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CompOps FAQ

The Office of Computer Operations (CompOps in abbreviated form) is the coordinating authority for all UFS online representations, as well as the external communities. CompOps coordinates and structures all the information online and manages the (regular) updates to these communities. Hide the bacon.
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Below are some common questions we face from members and their answers. This is a living document that will be updated with new questions over time.

Q: Why do we require help requests via tickets on the Help Desk?

A: We require tickets to be submitted because things get lost in emails. Submitting a ticket ensures that someone on the team sees it and can fix whatever is wrong. It also means that it doesn't get lost in email or notes or in a Discord chat. Since we cannot fix something we don't know about, we thought it is important to submit a ticket when you encounter an error. After all, if you don't report it to us, we won't know about it and it goes unfixed.

Q: How do I submit a ticket?

A: Reporting an error or bug is easy and quick. Follow these steps to submit your ticket to the Help Desk:

1. Log into your account on the forums (This is needed for SSO)
2. Go to www.ufstarfleet.org and select "ticket" from the menu.
3. Fill in the form with the pertinent information. Be sure to include screenshots and a list of steps that you took to receive the error.

Q: Why do we ask for screenshots and a list of steps taken to get an error or bug?

A: The reason we ask for screenshots and a list of steps is so we can replicate the error and fix it. There are a few steps to take before submitting a ticket to report an error or a bug so that you aren't reporting something that is client side or easily fixed by clearing your cookies. First, consider the cause. Sometimes clearing your cookies will fix the issue. Other times it simply means you have to restart the browser. And other times, simply refreshing the page will correct the error. If after clearing cache, cookies or restarting the browser doesn't fix the issue, then submit a ticket using the method listed above.

Q: What kinds of issues does CompOps take care of for UFS members?

A: CompOps is made up of two sides. On one side we have Technology Infrastructure and on the other side, we have Wiki Management and Customer Support teams. Technology Infrastructure takes care of the tech side of things that come up through backend such as SQL, coding, and other coding on the backend. Wiki Management takes care of updating and organizing the wiki so it is easier for members to navigate. Customer Support takes care of tickets on the Help Desk and assigning them to the appropriate team. Note: To have updates to your Service Jacket done, please contact Personnel at personnel@ufstarfleet.org for help.

Q: Who is who in CompOps?

A: You can find more information about CompOps and who is in the department at the Wiki page for the department. http://wiki.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index. ... Operations

Q: How can i join the CompOps team?

A: Computer Operations is via Invite only, and this only occurs when the need arises. The more you ask the less likely you are to be selected if the time comes.

To Be Continued

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