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Wiki Updates

The Office of Computer Operations (CompOps in abbreviated form) is the coordinating authority for all UFS online representations, as well as the external communities. CompOps coordinates and structures all the information online and manages the (regular) updates to these communities. Hide the bacon.
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Good day everyone!

We've been slowly trying to get the wiki updated, but as you might imagine, this is a daunting task - mostly because the pages we reference are very different from the pages you might reference! So please, if you see something that needs to be updated, let the Wiki team know! We very much want to update pages, but we might not be aware that it needs updating!

So if you see something, drop a line at wiki@ufstarfleet.org and we'll get on it! If you have the page link, along with what you feel is out of date, please add it so we can do so in an efficient manner.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!

(FYI, this is NOT for Service Jacket issues - that goes to Personnel and not to us)
Access Service Jacket
-Changing something non-SJ related? E-mail wiki@ufstarfleet.org with change requests!
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