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CompOps Year In Review - 2016

Posted: 161231.0801
by Eddie Hagoromo
CompOps Year in Review - 2015

Another year, new faces, new tasks and more work.

Forums are undergoing quarterly maintenance with database backups to prevent data loss.

Worked on reducing issues on the database to the best of the current server's ability.
Project Phoenix underway and in research still for best way forward.

New subteam created for Wiki Team to handle Wiki Issues (Will be autoredirected by CompOps Main Team)
New Team Member joined for Wiki Support (Aryela Dagger)

Email Systems
2017 Compliance Check will be underway in the new year.
Working on simplifying underused emails.
Email Team established for assistance with email issues.

UFSWeb Systems down twice this year. Established protocol to contact Server Team for immediate assistance (with thanks to Kressler Constantine and MilesPrower Dagger).
Briefed with new Deputy Director over the systems used.

Promoted Lizzy Gracemount to Deputy Director of CompOps.

Since January, Lizzy, Miles, Emilie, Aryela and I have been working on:

539 CompOps Requests (A 31% reduction of overall issues since 2015 Review)
279 of the requests were issues of the Forums (A 47% reduction of issues since 2015 Review)
176 of the requests were issues of the Database (A 127% increase of issues since 2015 Review)
76 of the requests were issues of the Wiki (No data captured from 2015 Review)
8 of the requests were issues with other parts of the UFS Systems (A 90% reduction of issues since 2015 Review)

Our aims in 2016:
Project Phoenix will continue research on establish the right system to move the Database to to reduce the amount of issues Members are having.
To work on whether we will move UFS IRC to UFS Discord and adjusting the systems to it.

With thanks to the CompOps Team as always, Lizzy Gracemount, MilesPrower Dagger, Aryela Dagger and Emilie Chardin, without them, there would not be a way for our issues to dramatically fall by 31%. It may not seem like much but I am proud of the work they have done and will continue to work at reducing the issues that we have in the upcoming New Year.

This is now coming up to my 3rd year at the role of Director of CompOps and I feel honoured to have served you all over the past few years, lets hope it remains this way for many months/years ahead!

On behalf of CompOps:

:happy-wavemulticolor: Let's have a great 2017! :happy-wavemulticolor: