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August - CompOps Behind the Scenes

Posted: 150814.0552
by Eddie Hagoromo
August, one of the months before the end of the Summer, we at CompOps have been busy at working ensuring every member have the correct information on forums and helping solve queries that get gets sent to us. There are also times were we needed off time to destress and relax from all the projects we are undertaking.

CompOps Projects that we are undertaking:

Project Solid Space
The Revamp of the Rebranded UFS Main Website is still underway with plenty of feedback from selected Beta Testers. Because the amount of work undergoing and constant tweaks, this is one of the projects that is causing the server to go down from the amount of bandwidth we hogged to wow new potential members to enter UFS. Colonies Information, Office Information, Official Links Central to name but a few that we are working on, also known as the new Central hub of all UFS news for new and old members alike.
Now we are happy to announce an addition to the Project; the Delta Communicator is now being resurfaced to undergo a new era headed by Lizzy Gracemount, whom will be assisting the CompOps Team to rebuild alongside us and to also add the new UFS News portion of the site.
We are hoping to release this as time permits as we are overwhelmed with other projects undergoing.
Progression: 75%

Project UFS Rebrand
With the New UFS Rebranding, comes new Logos. CompOps are on standby for the announcement of the new Logos and ready to deploy on all CompOps controlled Sites.
Progression: 0%

Project EMR
We are working with the CinC to set up a Medical Database for UFS for the Medical Branch upon request of the CinC.
Current Status: The Software and Database has been set up, we are currently learning as to how to use it.
Progression: 50%

Project Amber Cobra
Due to the constant issues with the current UFS Database, CompOps is researching and undergoing alpha testing of other systems more updated for the 21st Century (or 25th Century in RP terms) with the aim of being more secure and reliable.
Current Status: We set up 1 system and are current undergoing further research into this. This Project will be long term to investigate and undergo vigorous testing.
Progression: 10%

Monthly Forums Maintenance
July's Forums Maintenance was successful and the next scheduled maintenance will be planned in September. This is to ensure reliability as well as checking for issues within the system. We hope you will understand our need to bring the forums down for maintenance when the time comes.

Scheduled Wikipedia Maintenance
CompOps has been working with the Wiki Team to investigate high bandwidth issues that is plaguing the server. We seem to have pinpoint several areas and are working on a plan of action to eliminate them. At the moment, all deleted images in the Wiki were not marked for deletion on the old system and were stored in a Archived Folder for restoration should the need arise. However due to this, we are hitting space issues. CompOps has now devised a monthly automatic maintenance to scan the Wikipedia on the 1st of the month for any images that were deleted and will remove the image file from the server.
The Wikipedia will also be scheduled to go offline for maintenance in September for a System upgrade. We hope you will understand our need to bring the forums down for maintenance when the time comes.

Academy Graduations Automatic Rank Update
Emilie from CompOps has been working tirelessly with the Academy Vice Commandant on weekly graduations to ensure all new Ensigns have their correct rank and branch set up correctly on forums. As Director, I would like to thank both Emilie and Michelle for their sterling work at ensuring our new Ensigns are up and running for their new careers in UFS.

CompOps Support Issues
CompOps (Emilie and Miles) has been up around the clock tending to your support needs. As you are no doubt aware, we are situated all over the world to allow CompOps to keep an eye on issues on a 24/7 basis. Without Emilie and Miles, CompOps would not be as successful as the previous CompOps incarnations from previous Directors as they left us with big shoes to fill! Please remember to email for immediate support and NOT to email the CompOps member directly for support for statistics purposes.

You may think that CompOps may be sitting on its bottom throughout the past months, but in reality we are working nonstop to bring the best UFS that you, the members, can be proud of. Thank you to both Emilie and Miles for their sterling work at supporting CompOps throughout the Summer months.

This concludes as to what CompOps has been up do in the past month.
Thank you to all the members for their support over the past month, it brings us at CompOps the energy we need to keep on supporting our members.

Re: August - CompOps Behind the Scenes

Posted: 150814.0603
by Gerry Attric
thank you for the update. It is greatly appreciated. Lt. Gerry Attric

Re: August - CompOps Behind the Scenes

Posted: 150814.0652
by Mike Calhoun
Got to admit that compops know how to pick cool names

Re: August - CompOps Behind the Scenes

Posted: 150814.0923
by Bodan Landar
What a great piece of departmental reporting. Thank you

Re: August - CompOps Behind the Scenes

Posted: 150814.1720
by Indy Firelight
Sounds great! Lizzy....If you want reporters i would be glad to assist. Thank you