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by Data Axel
Forum: USS Taylorholic Durant
Topic: USS Durant Mission, TDRP028: "Homecoming"
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Re: USS Durant Mission, TDRP028: "Homecoming"

To: Kat Anjar R.N. Majel Community Hospital Caitian Embassy Astraios Stardate: 170712 RE: SEE MESSAGE Greetings. And yes I do remember you quite well during my time at Astraios. I will gladly take the needed time and come to check out the Commodore's status, and help any way I can. It is the least I...
by Data Axel
Forum: Office of CompOps
Topic: Happy Birthday Eddie!
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Re: Happy Birthday Eddie!

HAppy birthday, Eddie!!!! Hope you have a good one!
by Data Axel
Forum: Office of CompOps
Topic: New Director of CompOps
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Re: New Director of CompOps

Congratulations, Eddie. Best of luck, and I am sure you will do a great job. :)
by Data Axel
Forum: Promotions and Awards
Topic: Approved Promotions - January 2014
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Re: Approved Promotions - January 2014

Congratulations everyone :)

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