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by Wolfton Foulsbane
Forum: SS Tranquility
Topic: 160525 - Magellan Mission 1065-01
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160525 - Magellan Mission 1065-01

Starbase Tranquility personnel deployed with a team from the Intelligence Branch to investigate previously undetected radio signals from a system known as Damani IV.

by Wolfton Foulsbane
Forum: SS Tranquility
Topic: 160131 - Island Shopping
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160131 - Island Shopping

Reporting Officer - LT Apple Present: Captain Will Thrasher Captain Talas Shran Lt Commander Greymoon Lt Talon Silvercloud Lt Apple We have received word that the USS Maxwell is on its way back for repairs from damage suffered during battle with some rogue Romulan ship We are planning on exploring P...
by Wolfton Foulsbane
Forum: SS Tranquility
Topic: 160221 - Murder on a shuttle
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Re: 160221 - Murder on a shuttle

2016-02-28 (Reporting Officer - Lieutenant Apple) Crew Manifest Captain Will Thrasher Lieutenant Evergreen Moss Lieutenant Commander Kristoff Jameson Cadet Mariah Thrasher Lieutenant Apple Dew We are suspending our involvement in the murder investigation at this time because we don't have enough of ...
by Wolfton Foulsbane
Forum: Office of CompOps
Topic: CompOps Emails
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Re: CompOps Emails

Thank you for all you do.
by Wolfton Foulsbane
Forum: Promotions and Awards
Topic: Ideas and Suggestions wanted
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Re: Ideas and Suggestions wanted

I'll save some of you the trouble and say, "Oh, here it is again," but when I was in the Army, we had different levels of awards, as well as certificates of appreciation, certificates of achievement, challenge coins, etc. Only the awards could be worn on the uniform, but those awards as well as cert...

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